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Join the Consumer Campaign to Stop Dow From Marketing Hazardous Pesticides

Dow Chemical Company (and its pesticide division Dow AgroSciences) produces some of the most hazardous home, garden, and food use pesticides that invade our lives on a daily basis -- toxic chemicals that are dangerous to children, families and the environment. Safer alternative practices and products are now widely available, which make these pesticides unnecessary. As part of a consumer campaign to stop corporations from marketing hazardous pesticides that are not needed, this booklet informs choices in the marketplace and helps consumers avoid harmful low-level toxic exposure. While the primary focus of this brochure is non-food use pesticides (home, garden and community), many of the hazardous pesticides identified also have food and forestry uses, which are noted. However, Dow Chemical markets dozens more pesticides that are strictly food use chemicals, but not detailed in this brochure.

How to Use This Booklet
This booklet focuses on seven toxic Dow Chemical pesticides, a combination of weedkiller (herbicide) and insecticide products that are widely used and available in the marketplace. It is intended to summarize the health and environmental concerns associated with each product, identify how it is commonly used in the home and garden, community and food production and then offer suggestions on alternatives to using these toxic chemicals.

Download Beyond Pesticides' Dow consumer brochure in Adobe Acrobat format (0.7 Mb). For a medium-resolution version (3 Mb), right-click this link and choose "save target as." You may also order hardcopies by calling 202-543-5450.

For more detailed information, included a cited copy of this brochure, visit the In-Depth Consumer Info page.