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Good Nature Organic Lawn Care

Alec McClennan Phone: 440-708-1143

President/Owner Fax:

5201 Grant Avenue Website: www.whygoodnature.com

Cleveland OH 44125 Email: [email protected]

Service Categories: structural commercial school

landscape residential golf course


Good Nature Organic Lawn provides organic, people and pet friendly lawn, tree and shrub care.

What is your definition of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

We use pesticides as a last resort if the customer asks for them. We believe in keeping plants healthy and discouraging pest problems by promoting healthy plants.


Is pest management performed on a specific schedule?


How are pest problems identified?

Pest problems are monitored if we notice something getting out of hand.

What practices do you use to prevent and/or control pests?

We use food-grade materials to help keep plants healthy and repel pests.


Do you use biological controls?

Yes. Garlic and sugar beet extracts, etc, as well as nematodes.


Do you use borates?


Do you use synthetic chemicals?

On occasion we will use Weed B Gone (2,4-D) as a spot spray on turf.

What are the top 10 pesticides you use/sell/recommend?

Only Weed-B-Gone (2,4-D)

If pesticides are used, how much are used per year of each?

Does your company perform habitat modification?


Do you use any physical or mechanical controls?

Yes. We use high pressure tree sprays (vitamins and minerals, etc) to knock spider mites out of trees.

What type of fertilizers do you use/sell/recommend?

All feed materials: primarily vegetable protein meals and vegetable extracts.


What do you usually use/sell/recommend for addressing:

termites N/A

cockroaches N/A

fleas Nematodes

carpenter ants N/A

fire ants N/A

ants (indoor) N/A

crabgrass sugar beet extracts

dandelions sugar beet extracts

How do you evaluate effectiveness of your pest management

Our customers lawns and trees are healthy and look good.


Sue Stone, 440-543-5258; Kathy Powers, 440-708-0148; Wayne Paulich, 216-831-9441; Bet Olan Cemetary