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Mike McGuinness Phone: 678-985-8800

Principle/Technical Director Fax: 678-455-3578

4475 Ansley Lane Website: www.interpestinc.com

Cumming GA 30040 Email: [email protected]

Service Categories: structural commercial school

landscape residential golf course

other:  restaurants, food plants, food distribution, hotels, healthcare and pharmaceutical

Interpest provides food safety based pest management services that utilize non-pesticide techniques to determine pest sources and to remove them. Interpest modifies our client's premises to reduce harborage sites conducive to pests. These services are offered to commercial and industrial clients only.

What is your definition of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Integrating non-chemical techniques with chemical applications in a sequence to eliminate reliance on pesticides to deal with pests.


Is pest management performed on a specific schedule?

Monthly, bi-weekly or weekly to food facilities. Pest focus varies, with attention to cockroaches, rodents, flies and ants.

How are pest problems identified?

Properties are monitored with adhesive traps and lures. Monitoring persists after eliminating infestations to prevent new issues.

What practices do you use to prevent and/or control pests?

Structural and environmental modifications followed by monitoring, vacuuming and sanitation corrections.


Do you use biological controls?

No, none available.


Do you use borates?

Yes, for voids and enclosed harborages.

Do you use synthetic chemicals?

Yes, exterior only, spot or crack and crevice and only if a pest is present and all other alternatives failed. Termidor (fipronil).

What are the top 10 pesticides you use/sell/recommend?

EcoExempt IC (rosemary oil), Borid (borates), EcoPco Dust (eugenol, 2-phenethyl propionate), Final Blox (Brodifacoum), Termidor (fipronil).

If pesticides are used, how much are used per year of each?

They are applied as a last resortm and mostly on exteriors only within a crack or crevice.

Does your company perform habitat modification?

Caulking and sealing, door sweeps, foaming large voids, drain cleaning.

Do you use any physical or mechanical controls?

Mechanical rodent devicee, adhesive insect traps, vacuums.

What type of fertilizers do you use/sell/recommend?



What do you usually use/sell/recommend for addressing:

termites N/A

cockroaches vacuum, monitors, insect growth regulators

fleas N/A

carpenter ants bait

fire ants exterior insect growth regulators

ants (indoor) Vacuum, cleaning

crabgrass N/A

dandelions N/A

How do you evaluate effectiveness of your pest management

Monthly graphs trending activity in all monitoring devices, quarterly reviews.


Nantuckets Restaurant, Alpharetta GA, Sonstegard Foods of Georgia.