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Beyond Pesticides Rating: Toxic

Hydroprene is an insect growth regulator, meaning it controls insect populations by inhibiting reproduction and breaking the life cycle. It is found in the commercial roach control product Gentrol Point Source™, registered in 1986 by Sandoz Agro, Inc. 


Hydroprene is an eye irritant; sensitive individuals may develop an allergic reaction after repeated use. It is also a mild skin irritant and sensitizer. There is no anticipated acute toxicity hazard "due to the nature of the product form" (MSDS 1995).  

In a subchronic feeding study of rats, the NOEL (No Observable Effect Limit) was 50 mg/kg/day, with changes in body weight with organ weights observed at higher dose levels. In 2-generation reproductive and developmental toxicity tests on rats, parental reproductive performance remained unaffected up to a dose level of 7500 ppm. Histologically, all females in the 7500 parts per million (ppm) dose group had regression of the corpora lutea and cytoplasmic vaxuolation in the ovaries, but without affected reproductive performance. The NOEL for pup development is 1500 ppm. There were no observable immunotoxic, teratogenic, fetotoxic, or mutagenic effects found. 

The environmental fate of hydroprene is not available, nor is the toxicity to wildlife.  


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): Gentrol Point Source. 1995. Sandoz Agro, Inc. Des Plaines, IL.