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Since 1985, OCAMP has been the only organization in Ohio that focuses exclusively on pesticide issues. OCAMP’s mission is to demonstrate to elected and appointed officials the human health consequences posed by pesticides. OCAMP seeks to protect the public, in particular the most vulnerable (children and the chemically sensitive), by promoting safe and effective alternatives to the use of toxic chemicals.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the George Gund Foundation and Beyond Pesticides.

Our Current Project:

Pesticide Alternatives for Safer Schools (PASS)

Our goal is to create a healthier learning environment for the children of Northeast Ohio by reducing their in-school exposure to pesticide. To do this, we are working to have as many school districts as possible adopt written Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policies and programs.

IPM is a strategy for managing pest problems before they start. It emphasizes non-toxic methods, such as keeping pests out and making sure they have no food or livable habitats. Pesticide use is drastically reduced or eliminated. Schools that have adopted IPM report that their pest management costs go down. PASS Fact Sheet.

We have an impressive group of co-sponsors, including the Commission on Catholic Community Action, Center for Families and Children - Lee Fisher, Director, Earthday Coalition, EcoCity Cleveland, Environmental Health Watch, HealthSpace Cleveland, Heinens, John Carroll University Department of Biology, the Mustard Seed Market, Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, NEO Sierra Club, the Ohio Environmental Council, U.S. Congressman Sherrod Brown, State Senator Eric Fingerhut, State Senator Dan Brady, State Representatives Dale Miller, Annie L. Key, Kathleen Chandler, Thomas Patton, and Michael Skindell, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, State Representative Shirley A. Smith, State Representative James P. Trakas, State Representative Michael DeBose, Cleveland Green Building Coalition, Cynthia Taylor, MD, Cathleen Fagan, MD, MPH, Ann Reichsman, MD, Anne Wise, MD, and the Cleveland Jewish News.

Why is this project important? Each day children spend 8 to 10 hours in school buildings and on school grounds where hazardous pesticides are typically used. Scientific studies demonstrate that these chemicals represent one of the greatest threats to children’s health. Due to their small size and developing organ systems, children face higher risks than adults from pesticides. The National Academy of Science, the American Public Health Association, and the National PTA have all voiced their concerns.

For School District Parents and Residents:

Your letters and calls are extremely important. District parents and residents have the most access and influence on school district policies. Click here to get instructions on how to best use the sample letters below. Thank you in advance.

Find your school district's superintendent.

Sample letter for school district parents.

Sample letter for school district residents.

Contact Information:

Barry Zucker, OCAMP Director
13507 Ardoon Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44120
Phone: 216-291-3424
[email protected]

What’s New:

OCAMP is now Beyond Pesticides Ohio. Please visit us at our new website: www.beyondpesticidesohio.org.

We need your help in making our schools safer!!

School Pesticide Survey for School Officials
Please have the appropriate person from your school district complete this survey and return it to OCAMP, 1303 Ranchland Dr., Mayfield Heights, OH 44124. Thank you.

Did you know that:

  • Most Ohio schools routinely use harmful pesticides?
  • Some pesticide use has been possibly linked to asthma, childhood leukemia and ADHD?

Our goal is to have all Northeast Ohio school systems adopt written safer pest control policies. 

The PASS project seminars held at Beachwood High School on February 8 and 9th, 2005 were very successful with many co-sponsors and volunteers involved. National and local experts addressed all aspects of safer school pest control and the benefits of Integrated Pest Mangement (IPM).

Th goal of the PASS project is to encourage school systems to adopt written IPM pest control policies. IPM offers pest control that is effective, safer, and cost effective.

A fine article entitled "A CHEMICAL REACTION FOR LOCAL SCHOOLS" written by the Cleveland Plain Dealer feature writer, Fran Henry, preceded the seminar. Also, an earlier article from the News Herald entitled, "STUDENTS FALL ILL: WEED KILLER APPARENT CAUSE THAT SENT 42 MADISON MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS TO HOSPITALS" dramatically illustrates what the PASS project is attempting to prevent. Also, Cleveland's local NPR radio station, WCPN at 90.3 FM, held a spirited debate on pesticide use and lawn care on February 8. Copies of this show may be obtained from the station. You may also be interested in "GETTING POISONS OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS" by Cleveland Jewish News.com.

The seminars were very well attended by representatives from over 50 northeast Ohio school and library systems. We are now following up with seminar attendees and continuing to reach out to schools that were unable to attend. We urge all school officials, parents and concerned citizens to contact us for information on how safer pest control policies can be implemented in their schools.

13507 Ardoon Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44120 - (216) 291-3424 - [email protected]