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Eat Yogurt and Support Beyond Pesticides!

(June 24, 2004) The philanthropic people at Stonyfield Farm are running a fundraising contest on their yogurt products, and you can help Beyond Pesticides raise significant and much-needed funds for our campaigns to stop toxic pesticide use and protect people and the planet. Stonyfield Farm is donating $100,000, with each of the three participating groups receiving an amount proportional to votes cast.

Here is how you can help raise funds for Beyond Pesticides.

-- MAIL LIDS, your name and address, and Beyond Pesticides’ name as the group that you’d like to support, to the address on the packaging. Each lid will count as one vote. Please send Stonyfield as many lids as you can (no limit).

For sending in lids, you can choose a gift:
a zip-pull compass (10 lids); a six-month membership to Beyond Pesticides and subscription to Pesticides and You (20 lids) [members of Beyond Pesticides, see offer below]; and, a El Lobo: Song of the Wolf DVD (30 lids).

-- VOTE ONLINE at www.stonyfield.com. This counts as one vote, and you get free yogurt. Voting ends October 31, 2004, and specially-marked lids should be on store shelves July through August.

-- POST A FLYER at your local grocery store or coop. Help get others involved. Download the high resolution color flyer or the high resolution black and white flyer (or low-resolution color or low resolution black and white for slower internet connections).

Already a Beyond Pesticides member?
To say thank you, we will be giving away “Pesticide-Free Zone” lawn signs to each member that sends in at least 20 lids, since you already receive Pesticides and You. If you send in 20 lids, tell us and we’ll send your sign. The aluminum enameled Pesticide-Free Zone lawn signs are eight inches in diameter, will not rust and will retain their bright colors for years. You can also by signs from Beyond Pesticides for $10 (includes postage).

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