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Maine- Local Organizations

Forest Ecology Network (FEN)
P.O. Box 2118
Augusta, Maine 04338
Telephone: (207) 628-6404
Fax: (207) 628-5741
Email: fen@powerlink.net
The purpose of the Forest Ecology Network (FEN) is to protect the native forest environment of Maine through public awareness, grassroots citizen activism, and education.FEN has begun a new referendum campaign to get synthetic chemical pesticides out of the forest and to transform the Board of Pesticides Control into an elected body.

Friends of Casco Bay
2 Fort Road
South Portland, ME 04106
Tel. (207) 799-8574

Maine Toxics Action Coalition
Kathleen McGee
643 Brown's Point Road
Bodoinham ME 04008
Telephone: (207) 666-3598
Email: kmcgee@gwi.net
The Maine Toxics Action Coalition is a newly formed organization that evolved from the Dioxin Coalition. The Forest Ecology Network, along with several other environmental organizations in Maine, are members of the Coalition. The Main Toxics Action Coalition is a member of the School Pesticide Reform Coalition.

Toxics Action Center
One Pleasant Street, 4th Fl
Portland, Maine 04101
Telephone: (207) 871-1810
Email: maggie@toxicsaction.org
The Toxics Action Center, which is based in Boston but has a field office in Maine, helps residents and neighborhood groups work to address toxic hazards that threaten the health and safety of their community. The Center is a member of both the School Pesticide Reform Coalition and the Lawn Care Coalition.

The National Resources Council of Maine
3 Wade Street
Augusta, Maine 04330
Telephone: (207) 622-3101
Email: nrcm@nrcm.org
Our vision is of a Maine where citizens from all parts of the state and all walks of life feel that their grandchildren will inherit a place where the water is pure, the air is clean, the forests are vibrant, and native plants and animals are safeguarded.

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