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Have You Ever Seen Someone Near a Utility Pole? EPA Hasn’t! (4/18/08) Help EPA see the reality of wood preservative exposure in your community. Send EPA a picture and join the campaign to ban the deadly wood preservatives.

Tell EPA You Don't Want a Dangerous Wood Preservative in Your Backyard (12/12/06) Industry is pressuring EPA to approve a new registration for Acid Copper Chromate (ACC). Please contact EPA immediately and urge the agency to deny the registration of this dangerous wood treatment chemical.

Secret EPA Deal Allows Marketing of Wood Containing Highly Toxic Hexavalent Chromium (7/5/06) Environmentalists sent a letter to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson today challenging the agency’s decision to allow the use of treated wood containing the highly toxic hexavalent chromium.

Notice of Availability of the Preliminary Risk Assessment for Wood Preservatives Containing Arsenic and/or Chromium Reregistration Eligibility Decision - Comments due 5/17/04. See Beyond Pesticides' comments. This notice announces the availability of documents that were developed as part of EPA's six-phase public participation reregistration process for wood preservatives containing arsenic and/or chromium, Docket No. OPP-2003-0250.

Acid Copper Chromate (ACC) Me-Too Registration Battle Continues as wood industry attempts to replace CCA with an even more hazard and controversial pesticide. EPA 3-day meeting May 4-6, 2004 in Arlington, VA with Scientific Advisory Panel, open to all, to consider and review dermal sensitization issues for exposures to"pesticides" (or, specifically Hexavalent Chromium). Read comments submitted to the SAP (5/4/04) by Beyond Pesticides and Healthy Building Network. See also EPA's letter to Arch Wood, Inc. requesting additional data and latest articles by Inside EPA (2/27/04) and Pesticide & Toxic Chemical News (1/19/04).

EPA Creosote Preliminary Risk Assessment Released. Read Beyond Pesticides' Assessment of EPA's prelim assessment or read Beyond Pesticides' Comments submitted to EPA. (Comments of an alternative producer of creosote-treated cross-ties were received by Beyond Pesticides.) (2/3/04)

EPA Scientific Advisory Panel Open Meeting On Children & CCA In December (11/14/03) Updated (2/23/04)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Votes Not To Ban CCA (11/7/03)

Stop EPA From Taking A Deadly Turn With Acid Copper Chromate (ACC) (10/2/03)

Beyond Pesticides Petitions EPA to stop reregistration of Creosote (2/26/02)

Tell EPA to Fully Protect Public from Wood Preservatives

Urgent Need for Show of Public Support for the Arsenic in Playground Equipment amendment (SA 1228). Please contact your Senators and Representative and urge them to support this important piece of legislation.

ACTION NEEDED: EPA's denial of reregistration of C/A., creosote and pentachlorophenol

ACTION NEEDED: Contact your congress people and urge them to support the Arsenic-Treated Wood Mandatory Labeling Act (S. 877), recently introduced by Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)

Let Us Know: How Does Your Utility Company Rate?*

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