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General Information

  • Fact Sheet: deet.pdf
  • Product Names:
  • Chemical Class: Aromatic amide insecticide
  • Uses: Households/Domestic Dwellings, Human body/clothing while being worn (insect repellent), Cats
    (adults/kittens), Dogs/canines (adults/puppies), Horses, Pet living/sleeping quarters; targets Biting flies, biting midges, black flies, chiggers (redbugs), deer flies, fleas, gnats, horse flies, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, sand flies, small flying insects, stable flies and ticks
  • Alternatives: Least-Toxic Insect Repellent
  • Beyond Pesticides rating: Toxic

Health and Environmental Effects

  • Cancer: Not documented
  • Endocrine Disruption: Not documented
  • Reproductive Effects: Not documented
  • Neurotoxicity: Yes (7)
  • Kidney/Liver Damage: Yes (4)
  • Sensitizer/ Irritant: Yes (7)
  • Birth/Developmental Yes (6)
  • Detected in Groundwater: Yes (6)
  • Potential Leacher: Yes (7)
  • Toxic to Birds: Not documented
  • Toxic to Fish/Aquatic Organisms: Not documented
  • Toxic to Bees: Not documented

Additional Information