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General Information

  • Product Names:
  • Chemical Class: Quinoline
  • Uses: Used to control powdery mildew infections on grapes and hops. Used to control powdery mildew in grapes and in hops in California, on melons, winter sqash, gourds and pumpkins in New York.
  • Alternatives: Least-toxic mold control
  • Beyond Pesticides rating: Toxic

Health and Environmental Effects

  • Cancer: Not documented
  • Endocrine Disruption: Not documented
  • Reproductive Effects: Not documented
  • Neurotoxicity: Not documented
  • Kidney/Liver Damage: Yes (25)
  • Sensitizer/ Irritant: Not documented
  • Birth/Developmental Not documented
  • Detected in Groundwater: Not documented
  • Potential Leacher: Not documented
  • Toxic to Birds: Not documented
  • Toxic to Fish/Aquatic Organisms: Yes (52)
  • Toxic to Bees: Not documented

Additional Information

  • Regulatory Status:
  • Supporting information:
    • PAN Pesticides Database: Quinoxyfen (Pesticide Action Network)
    • California Department of Pesticide Regulation Public Report: Quinoxyfen