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EPA Proposes To Expand Pesticide Uses in Failed GE Crops, Public Comments Needed
EPA is seeking public comments on a proposed amendment to the Enlist Duo registration, which would include GE cotton and extend the use for GE corn, soybean and cotton to an additional 19 states. Write a comment to EPA telling them that you do not support the expansion of Enlist Duo registration to include GE cotton, nor do you support the use of Enlist Duo in 19 new states. Public comments must be submitted by December 1, 2016 to EPA docket
# EPA‑HQ‑OPP‑2016‑0594.

Introducing: The Mosquito Doorknob Hanger! Tips on speaking with neighbors about backyard and community mosquito control. Send an email to [email protected], subject “Mosquito Doorknob Hangers,” and include your name and mailing address, or call 202-543-5450.


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