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District of Columbia - Local Organizations

Working Group on Community Right-to-Know
2040 S Street NW, 2nd Floor
Washington DC 20009
Ph. (202) 234-8494
Fx. (202) 234-8584
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The Working Group on Community Right-to-Know is a non-profit, public interest organization that helps people defend and improve our right-to-know about environmental and public health concerns. The Working Group serves a nationwide network of organizations and individuals whose right-to-know advocacy makes government responsive, holds corporations accountable, empowers communities, and protects public health and the environment.

Defenders of Wildlife
1130 17th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Tel.: 1-800-385-9712
Email: [email protected]
Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities. They are a member of the Lawn Care Coalition.

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