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Indiana - Local Organizations

Improving Kids' Environment (IKE)
Jodi Perras, President
3951 N. Meridian St. Ste 160
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Telephone: (317) 677-4760
Email: jperras@ikecoalition.org
IKE is a non-profit, advocacy coalition that facilitates tangible and significant improvements to cheldren's health through reductions in environmental threats to children. IKE is a member of the School Pesticide Reform Coalition.

Carol Blakney
3700 West Ewing Drive
Muncie, IN 47302
Email: ckava@sympatico.ca
The mission of BioMuncie.org is to promote biodiversity in Delaware County. BioMuncie.org serves as a community resource intended to increase awareness about local issues, to encourage dialogue and to draw people together to find solutions for problems threatening the environmental health of the community.

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