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From June 18, 2001

EPA Announces National Dialogue on Public Involvement in Agency Decisions

The public is invited to participate in an online discussion with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and panels of experts on improving public participation in EPA decision-making. The dialogue will run between July 10 - 21, 2001. The participants will discuss specific topics drawn from EPA's newly drafted Public Involvement Policy. People interested in participating can find out more information, register via the internet, and read the draft policy by visiting http://www.network-democracy.org/epa-pip/welcome.shtml.

According to the EPA website, the Dialogue is asynchronous, unlike a chat room, where a discussion takes place in real time. This means that your participation is not restricted to any particular time of day. Such a structure makes it much easier to accommodate different time zones and busy schedules. A more substantive discussion can evolve as participants have time to refer to reference materials, and think about the contributions made by others before contributing their own thoughts.