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From October 9, 2001

Summary of Information Removed from EPA Risk Management Plan Website

According to the Working Group on Community Right-to-Know, this is a short summary of the Risk Management Plan (RMP) information that was recently removed from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) web site at www.epa.gov/ceppo (at RMP*Info). Portions of plans filed by some 15,000 facilities that use large amounts of certain extremely hazardous substances, which demonstrate their capacity to prevent a serious chemical fire or spill were removed from the EPA web site. The removed sections of the plans include:

1] Executive Summary - A summary of the elements below (summaries vary widely; many are incomplete).

2] Section 1 - Registration, includes facility identification, location, owner/operator, emergency contact, regulatory contact, chemical of concern, number of employees, last safety inspection, etc…

3] Sections 2 through 5 - Information is held in reading rooms and was not on EPA's web site. (Worst case and alternative release scenarios for toxics and flammables.)

4] Section 6 - Five-year accident history, includes only accidents that caused death, serious injury, or property damage. (For far more complete accident information, see: www.nrc.uscg.mil/foia.htm -- NOT part of the Risk Management Planning program.)

5] Section 7 - Prevention program, includes summary information identifying the process covered, substances, date of last update, checklist of Process Hazard Analysis type, major hazards to address, process controls, mitigation systems, changes since last analysis, training, maintenance and management of change.

6] Section 9 - Emergency response, indicates whether the facility has an emergency response plan and, if so, an indication of some major elements, such as specific actions, communications, health care, employee training, etc…