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From December 07, 2001

New Jersey Improves Pesticide Regulations

Pesticide regulation amendments for the state of New Jersey that were proposed in February 2001 are now finalized and published in the November 19th edition of the "New Jersey Register." The amendments, which were supported by the public during a public hearing and comment period following the proposal, attack misuse of pesticides on a variety of fronts. Rules applying to notification, licensing, training, alternatives, and false advertising were each examined and altered. "These amendments represent a major overhaul of our comprehensive pesticide regulations and will enhance public health protection," said Bob Shinn, commissioner of the State Department of Environmental Protection.

The final amendments include the following:

Licensing & Training: Commercial licensed pesticide applicators will be required to attend and pass a training program. Unlicensed private applicators that use pesticides will be required to obtain a license.

Alternatives: Aerial application of broad-spectrum chemicals for non-agricultural purposes will no longer be permitted. Instead biological or least-toxic alternatives will be employed. The exception to this occurs when there is a "significant outbreak."

Notification: A system for notification has been set up for when a pesticide is applied outdoors within 250 feet of school grounds, and was applied with high-pressure equipment making drift more likely.

Advertising: Pesticides falsely labeled as organic or environmentally friendly and other misleading labels are prohibited.

Go to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's website for more information.