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From March 12, 2002

$9 Million Settlement in Bioengineered Corn Suit Approved

Consumers who filed a class-action lawsuit because of allergic reactions to genetically modified (GM) corn received a $9 million settlement last week. The lawsuit began after an environmental group found GM corn in taco shells. StarLink corn seed, which was created by Aventis CropScience USA Holding Inc., is approved for animal feed but not human consumption.

Garst Seed Co. was licensed to sell StarLink to farmers for animal feed. The seed was engineered to include a protein that kills the European corn borer, a pest that damages crops. According to an Associated Press article appearing in ENN, "Somehow, the Starlink corn had been mixed with regular corn in a number of cases."

U.S. District Judge James Moran approved this settlement where a group of food companies will offer $6 million in coupons. Kraft Foods Co., Azteca Foods Inc., Azteca Milling, and Mission Foods will attach $1 coupons to packages of their products. The law firm of Krislov and Associates will receive $2.4 million, and $600,000 will go toward administering the coupon program.

While denying any liability, Aventis CropScience issued a statement that said the company believed the settlement "is the best possible way to move forward." They have not licensed StarLink since 2000.

For more information about GM foods, contact Beyond Pesticides. To see the full article, go to www.enn.com/news/wire-stories/2002/03/03082002/ap_46626.asp.