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From May 9, 2002

Florida Water Contamination

A former pesticide manufacturing plant is responsible for water contamination in Central Florida, according to The Daily Grist. Federal officials say toxic, pesticide-related chemicals from the site are leaching 90 feet underground into the area's main source of drinking water, the Floridian Aquifer.

The source of contamination is Tower Chemical, a plant that manufactured pesticides for the citrus industry. Tower Chemical's plant used to be a Superfund site, but EPA halted its cleanup ten years ago. The leak was discovered during checks of the wells on Tower Chemical's property. The source of the leaching chemical is a sinkhole located below the plant's former wastewater pond. The potential hazards of the chemical and the extent of contamination are unknown at this time. Currently, it is said the chemical has spread up to 200 feet from the sinkhole.

The discovery of contamination may force EPA to reconsider its decision to halt cleanup of the site. For information regarding groundwater contamination due to pesticides, please contact Beyond Pesticides.