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From December 2, 2002

Sixty Percent of All Pesticides To Be Withdrawn from European Market by July 2003

According to Environmental Data Interactive Exchange, 320 pesticides are slated to be withdrawn from the European market by July 2003. The number represents 60% of all pesticides that were sold in Europe in 1993. The move signifies the European Commission's new approach to evaluating active ingredients in plant protection products and may include an additional 150 substances if a second notification is adopted by the Commission.

For substances remaining on the market, manufacturers must prove their products reach the required safety standards, submitting test data to the European Food Safety Authority by May 2003. Some temporary exemptions will be granted for substances with "essential uses" with no readily available alternative and no concerns linked to their restricted use.

The Commission aims to have ruled on all active pesticide substances by the end of 2008, completing the harmonization of Directive 91/414 on the authorization, use and control of plant protection products.

More information about Directive 91/414 can be found at the European Union website.