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From March 9, 2005

A Bill To Ban GMO Bans In Iowa Is Proposed
(Beyond Pesticides, March 9, 2005) A bill that would prohibit, or ban, local governments from banning genetically engineered agriculture has been proposed in Iowa. The Bill has already passed the Senate and is due to be introduced to House. Such a bill would be the first of its kind.

Supporters of Bill HF 202 (and Bill SSB#1144 in the Senate) claim that investment in biotechnology by the U.S. is a matter of national security and therefore this bill would enhance national security by providing an alternative technology in the case of an agricultural collapse. Read a letter of support recently sent to House.

Opponents of the bill say its passage would be disastrous and prevent Iowa farmers from creating GM-free zones. According to the Network of Concerned Farmers, "These zones, which do not allow the cultivation of genetically modified crops, are being created at an accelerated rate on all continents, including the U.S. They provide farmers easier access to the significant world markets that avoid the controversial technology. GM markets continue to dry up with the consistent finding that the more people learn about the technology, the less they trust it. Now, even GM animal feed markets are shrinking overseas due to consumer demand for GM-free meat."

The bill stands in stark contrast to the movement of citizens across the country that are imploring decision makers to ban the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food. (See related Articles.) A 2000 Reuters/Zogby consumer opinion poll showed 33% of respondents thought farmers should not be allowed to grow genetically modified crops.

A 2003 report showed that the planting of 550 million acres of genetically modified corn, soybeans and cotton in the United States since 1996 has increased pesticide use by about 50 million pounds.

TAKE ACTION: Iowans! Contact your state representatives, sign a pre-written letter at www.seedsofdeception.com/iowa and tell them NO to this bill. Non-Iowans please forward this to your Iowa friends. Or contact the Iowa House representatives directly and voice your opposition to this bill.