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From July 19, 2005

Take Action: Boycott Gallo Wine
(Beyond Pesticides, July 19, 2005) On June 14, 2005, the United Farm Workers, AFL-CIO (UFW) launched its second boycott of Gallo wine in 32 years and the union’s first major nationwide boycott in more than two decades. With contract negotiations set for July 21, 2005 in Santa Rosa, CA, UFW is stepping up its boycott of Gallo wine with supporters gathering today in 19 cities across the U.S. to distribute boycott appeals online. The Washington, DC event will be hosted by Beyond Pesticides. The first National Day of Internet Organizing for “No Gallo!” will be followed by similar events held in the U.S. and in some of the other 85 other countries where Gallo wines are sold.

According to UFW, farmworkers have been trying to negotiate a new contract at Gallo's high-end winery, Gallo of Sonoma for nearly two years. Gallo of Sonoma hires the majority of its farm workers through labor contractors but wants to deny them the health benefits and contract protections provided to direct hires.

The Gallos deny the majority of their Sonoma County vineyard workers benefits and grievance rights. UFW says that the Gallos abuse, cheat and deny these workers benefits, job protections and humane living conditions in the heart of California’s fabled wine country. The Gallos say they have no responsibility for the miserable conditions endured by their vineyard employees because they are “temporary workers.” Gallo is a multi-billon dollar company yet pays less than other Sonoma County wineries.

Farmworkers who are exposed to toxic pesticides on an ongoing basis are at greater risk for cancer, birth defects, depression and other diseases, as well as work-related injury. Under current U.S. pesticide law, farmworkers are not treated as equals with the rest of society. Pesticide cancer and other disease risks are permitted to be ten times higher for farmworkers than the general population.

Farmworkers have marched, sent letters and petitioned the company to negotiate a fair contract. With no progress on negotiations, they turned to people of goodwill nationwide to boycott all Gallo products.

Gallo wines sell under the following brand names (sometimes the back label will say Gallo):

Anapamu, Andre, Ballatore Spumante, Bartles & Jaymes Coolers, Bella Sera, Black Swan, Boone's Farm, Bridlewood Winery, Burlwood, Carlo Rossi, Cask & Cream Caramel Temptation, Cask & Cream Chocolate Temptation, Copperidge, Da VINCI, E & J Gallo Twin Valley, E&J Cognac, E&J Gallo Vineyards, E&J VS Brandy, E&J VSOP Brandy, Ecco Domani, Ernest & Julio Gallo Twin Valley Vineyards, Frei Brother, Frei Brothers Reserve, Gallo Estate, Gallo Fairbanks, Gallo Livingston Cellars, Gallo of Sonoma, Gallo of Sonoma County Series, Gallo of Sonoma Estate Series, Gallo of Sonoma Single Vineyard, Gallo Sheffield Cellars, Gallo Vermouth, Gossamer Bay, Indigo Hills, Indigo Hills Blanc de Blancs, Liberty Creek, Livingston Cellars, Louis M. Martini, MacMurray Ranch, Marcelina, McWilliams Hanwood Estate, Mirassou, Napa Valley Vineyards, Peter Vella, Rancho Zabaco, Rancho Zabaco Winery, Red Bicyclette, Redwood Creek, Tott's, Turning Leaf, Turning Leaf Coastal Reserve, Whitehaven, Wild Vines, and William Wycliff.

TAKE ACTION: Join the boycott of Gallo wines. SIGN THE PETITION! For background information, sample letters and to sign the online petition, visit www.gallounfair.com. If you are in the Washington, DC area and would like to participate in the email action lunch, contact John Kepner at [email protected]. About the event: While the boycott officially began about a month ago, the purpose of this event is to spread the word and make the campaign "go viral." Join other activists in sending email alerts to your friends, family and colleagues during the email-action lunch. Sure, you could spread the word from your office, but the idea is to get together, show support for the farmworker community and have lunch and a glass of non-Gallo organic wine with other campaign supporters. We will provide sample text, which you will be able to customize for your audience. To participate, you may: a) bring your laptop and connect to our wireless network, b) bring your email list on CD or floppy disk, or c) email your email list in advance to [email protected].