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Updated on December 22, 2006

Beyond Pesticides’ Holiday Wishlist
  • The recognition of the basic human right to a clean bill of health, which includes the right to be free of pesticides.

  • Protective policies for children’s health, including the adoption of the Schools Environmental Protection Act (SEPA).

  • A national IPM Policy for all public housing facilities.

  • Equitable access to organic food and alternative pest control throughout the U.S., especially for economically vulnerable populations.

  • The adoption of IPM policy by all healthcare facilities across the nation.

  • Pesticide-free, organic lawns, landscapes and playing fields across the nation.

  • Preventive mosquito control measures that protect public health without using toxics.

  • A new political administration that does not prioritize economic and political profits over the health and vitality of its citizens and environment.

  • A U.S. health and environmental regulatory system that promotes scientific integrity and is based on the precautionary principle.

  • A reevaluation of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), the denial of the registration of Acid Copper Chromate (ACC), and a reversal on the EPA decision to exempt pesticides from the Clean Water Act.

  • An EPA and FDA ban of all non-medical uses of the anti-microbial agents triclosan and triclocarbon.

  • Reparations by Dow Chemical Company to victims of Bhopal, Vietnam, fence-line communities of Michigan and all others affected by Dow’s chemicals across the globe.

Happy Holidays!!!