Pledge Your Yard Or Park

Pesticide-Free Zone Declaration

For Lawns, Landscapes and Pollinators

Pledge your organic and pollinator-friendly acreage and sign the Pesticide-Free Declaration!

Pesticides are hazardous to health and the environment, and are unnecessary to have a beautiful yard and landscape. Pesticides are also toxic to bees and other beneficial pollinators. However, you can create pollinator-friendly, organic landscapes by eliminating pesticide use and planting pollinator-attractive habitat.

Pledge your yard, park, garden, or other community or business-managed green space as organically managed and pollinator-friendly. Indicate how many acres (or what fraction of an acre) you can declare as organic and how many acres of pollinator habitat you create!

Pledge your organic acreage and pollinator habitat, and sign the declaration below.

Read the Declaration here.

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