Current NOSB Issues:

Apiculture (October 2010 meeting)

Since honeybees are animals, the Livestock Committee of the NOSB takes responsibility for developing a recommendation for USDA standards to govern the production of organic honey and honey-related products. Because the biology and behavior of honeybees is so markedly different from other types of organic livestock, and because they fly and forage a wide area, specific standards are required to ensure consistency between organic certifiers and to ensure that organic honey meets consumers' expectations for organic products.

Aomong other practices, the NOSB recommendation requires that organic bee keepers establish a 1.8 mile (3km) radius organically managed "forage zone." For property within the zone that is not managed by the bee keeper, an affidavit stating that prohibited pesticides have not been used for three years would be required.

Read the NOSB Livestock Committee's Organic Apiculture Recommendation (October 27, 2010)