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Tell EPA to Fully Protect Public from Wood Preservatives

Beyond Pesticides believes that EPA's announcement to phase out arsenic-treated wood will not fully protect the public. Beyond Pesticides expressed the following concerns in a meeting with EPA on February 6th: 1) Phase out is too long; It should be technically feasible by the end of this year; 2) The voluntary cancellation does not include industrial uses of CCA, such as utility poles and marine pilings; and 3) Risk assessments will be stopped as part of their closed-door negotiations with the wood preservatives industry. Furthermore, EPA has not yet addressed safe disposal methods or how they will deal with existing structures made with CCA.

Read Beyond Pesticides asks EPA to stop sales of CCA-treated wood during the open comment period. Read Beyond Pesticides' comments to EPA. Read the Federal Register Notice.

For information regarding how to protect your health from CCA-treated wood, click here.

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