Beyond Pesticides’ Safety Source for Pest Management

Are you looking for a pest management or lawn service company that does not use dangerous pesticides?

It is difficult in today's marketplace to sort through the safety claims and the meaning behind words such as "safe" or "harmless." Because of this, we have put together a growing directory of companies that are interested in providing the services you want, without poisoning you, your family, or the environment. The directory is intended to be used for pest problems in homes, lawns, commercial sites, schools, parks, golf courses, and more. 

Before you use this directory, a word of caution.

Companies are listed in the Safety Source for Pest Management because they have completed the Beyond Pesticides survey and indicated that they use one or more practices and/or materials that we categorize as "non-toxic" or "least-toxic." Note that one concern that separates the toxic pesticide category from the least toxic pesticide category is the volatility of the chemical and its ability to vaporize or volatize into the ambient air. For instance, a bait with boric acid is non-volatile, while a bait with chlorpyrifos is volatile. We include in this directory the companies' survey responses in their own words so that you can see them for yourself. Many of the companies in the directory operate businesses that we consider "mixed operations" because they may also use products that we classify as "toxic." As a customer, you must talk with the service provider about the products that they use, inform yourself on their potential to cause adverse effects, and decide what makes sense for you.

This directory provides a number of links that should provide you with assistance. If a service indicates the use of a pesticide product, the directory provides a link to a factsheet on the product's active ingredient.

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If you know of a pest management company that should be listed in this directory, contact us with their name and contact information. Please send us an email with this information. If you operate a pest management company and think your company belongs in this directory, please get in touch by email or by phone.